Oxygen Parlour

  • Novelty Events

A relaxing treat for all ages, the Oxygen Parlour is a high traffic event, perfect for health fairs, trade shows/conventions, grand openings, sporting events, shopping centers, company parties, and many other indoor and outdoor occasions.


  • Continuous flow of 90% (±3%) oxygen through non-medical concentrators using a technology called Pressure Swing Absorption
  • Oil-free, food-grade aromas
  • Up to 5 aromas per station
  • Mind Machines for enhanced relaxation

Mind Machine:

A Mind Machine is a microprocessor controlled device designed to help promote relaxation by creating mood changing effects through the use of light and sound stimulation. To use the Mind Machine, you put on the headphones and glasses, close your eyes, and then sit back and listen to the pulsating sound and watch the flickering lights through your eyelids.

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