Make a Hit CD Booth

  • Novelty Events
  • Take Home Items

Perfect for CD release parties, live music concerts, college marketing, or any other music-related event, Make a Hit CD Booth makes every guest a star performer. Your guests step inside our soundproof CD recording booth, choose from a library of hit titles, put on their headphones and then experience the excitement of being part of a live recording session!


  • Professional sound equipment
  • Over 1000 songs to choose from
  • Acoustic isolation booth
  • Up to 3 people can participate at a time
  • Branded CD covers to increase long-term ROI

Individuals, or groups of up to three people, walk away with a recording of their hit song complete with a custom, branded CD label. External speakers may be turned on for the crowd to enjoy, or kept silent so as not to distract other guests. No wonder this event is a hit!

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